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Welcome to the Sites of Memory digital platform; a space where you can experience poetry, visuals, 360 video's and background information of our latest project Future for the Past. This platform allows you to navigate through stories from Amsterdam and Cape Town, from past to present to future.

Castle of Good Hope

The VOC headquarters Kasteel de Goede Hoop (Castle of Good Hope) was built between 1666 and 1679 by enslaved, Khoe, free burghers, and company workers. It is the oldest existing colonial building in South Africa, and replaced the original Fort de Goede Hoop, which was constructed by Jan van Riebeeck, the first Commander of the Cape. In 1652 Van Riebeeck was sent to //Hui !Gaeb, today known as Cape Town, to start a refreshment station for the VOC, to restock the passing ships. It developed into a colony once farming permits were issued, in February 1657, to nine company servants (who became the Free Burghers). The first people the VOC enslaved were held captive in the fort until the Slave Lodge was completed in 1679.

Maritime Museum 

The maritime repository, now home of the Maritime Museum, was built in 1656 as the main warehouse of the Amsterdam Admiralty, providing canons, flags, sails, rope, water and other supplies for the VOC and WIC ships.  The ship De Amsterdam is a replica of a VOC ship that sank on its maiden voyage from Texel to Batavia in 1749. This type of ship, a so-called hooker, was also adapted for the transportation of people captured from Africa and South East Asia. 

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Kopie van SOM_Scene3-Toni4Slave Tree - Toni Giselle Stuart
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scene_5_som_sds_006_20200926Burrial Ground 17th century
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Audio-tour Future for the Past

Cape Town version

The audio-tour start by the National history museum in the Compagnies Garden, Past the Slave Lodge, Church Square and ends at Castle of Good Hope

(link to audio & map)


Amsterdam version

The audio-tour start by the Jewish history museum, past Hortus, through Wertheimerpark and ending at the Maritime Museum

(link to audio & map)

Maritime Museum & Castle of Good Hope

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